History of the Kilt Run

The first Perth Kilt Run took place on 2 June 2012 in Perth, Scotland. 

The run was inspired by our twin town of Perth, Ontario who held the first ever Perth Kilt Run in Canada in 2010 as a tribute to the 800th anniversary of of the granting of the Royal Burgh Charter to Perth by King William the Lion of Scotland to Perth, Scotland. 

World record attempts

In 2012 over 1,000 kilt clad participants from far and wide just failed to beat our Perth, Ontario's original record of 1089 runners. Nevertheless, the event was a huge success for the city with over 13,000 people enjoying a full day of free entertainment on Perth's beautiful North Inch.

Support for the event means it has continue to run year on year, although entries for the Perth, Scotland event have not managed to beat the current world record (held by our Canadian friends) of 1,764 participants.

2015 saw the introduction of a new half-marathon length Touch of Tartan run, which proved very popular. The half-marathon is now returning to join the 5km Kilt Run for 2016 on Saturday 13 August 2016.