Things Gamblers Should Know About Betting in the UK

There is more to betting other than just placing a bet and predicting who will emerge the winner. Whether a punter places an occasional wager or bets systematically on a daily basis, it is common knowledge that a person cannot win all wagers.

To be a successful gambler, a person needs to know a few basic things. A gambler needs to understand the basics of using a betting platform, how to make the most amount of money from waging on football and how to make a lot of money betting from sports betting generally.

Sports Betting Basics

Be it from a laptop, desktop, mobile device or tablet, betting in the UK is very accessible to the point people take it for granted. However, some people have trouble gambling on betting UK sites from abroad. Here is why it might be difficult to access UK bookmakers from abroad. Yo can read about it in the Betsafe review by our friends,

Online betting sites are required to have to be licensed in regions they want to work and follow applicable rules. In cases where gambling sites do not have licenses, betting from abroad might not be possible.

Fortunately, it is possible to work with UK bookmakers like 10Bet or Betfair from abroad. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Download the free version of Tunnel Bear
  • Create a user account
  • Alter server location
  • It is now possible to work with UK betting bookmarkers

The point of betting is to make money. Most people dong know how to make money betting on football in the UK. Fortunately, it is easy because gamblers can use strategies like matched betting. The idea is simple. A gambler uses a betting exchange such as Belfair to place a wager against a bookmaker making such wagers risk-free.

About Betting in the UK

The other equally useful strategy is Betfair trading. This allows gamblers to eliminate bookmakers. Instead, a punter gets money from other gamblers who are placing wagers on Betfair Exchange. These strategies also apply to sports betting as well.

The UK has a sizeable number of punters and a great number of gambling sites. Here is a list of some popular betting sites in the UK.

  • Bet365
  • 888sport
  • William Hill
  • LV Bet
  • Betfair
  • 10Bet
  • Karamba
  • NetBet Sport
  • Betbright

America is known as the world’s greatest economy and home of a great number of passionate punters. Most people are familiar with America’s iconic gambling scene, especially in Vegas. However, the U.S.A has very strict betting rules, which make it impossible for betting sites to operate in a number of states.

For that reason, there are very few betting sites within the U.S.A. It has also become difficult for people in the U.S.A to access betting sites elsewhere, such as U.K betting sites. However, there are a few, which can be accessed from the U.S.A. here is the list:

  • Bet365 USA
  • Betfair USA

To place a wager successfully, a punter must know how to work out odd and what the numbers mean. Punters who are new to the whole betting experience need to know how odds work. This is very important, as it will allow a gambler to understand how an event will occur and the amount that may be won. Initially, it sounds difficult, but with time, the whole betting experience will become enjoyable.

Betting bonus in the UK

Any two numbers that are connected by a forward slash like 10/1 are referred to as fractional odds. Such numbers allow gamblers to work out the probability of a prediction following through. For the sake of explanation, we can replace the number in the fractional odds above with A and B.

So, the likelihood of B is given as B/(A+B). So, a fractional odd of 9/1 becomes 1/(9+1) = 0.1, or 10 percent chance that event with chance 1 will occur. Betting odds can be used to calculate potential winning. Therefore, an odd of 9/1, means for each pound, the gambler will get 9 pounds.

Final Word about Betting

Gambling is an intriguing activity and those who are seeking a thrill will find it engaging. To get gambling right a new punter needs to understand a few basic things. The most important is knowing how to use betting platforms in the UK from anywhere in the world. Other important things to know including the best way to make money betting on football and the best sites to go to when betting.

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